Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to run Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition under Windows 8 (Steam)

This article is no longer applicable as SF4 is now Steamworks-enabled as of the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Update: Confirmed working under Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 is a worthy upgrade ($39.99 if you upgrade on the Microsoft website) - but does SSF4 AE play nicely with it? By default, AE will not start under Windows 8, due to the outdated GFWL client Steam installs when you first run it. Follow these steps to correct the error:

1. Install Steam, download SSF4 AE as per normal.

2. When you first launch SSF4, it will install the Direct X framework 3.5 as well as an old version of the GFWL client. Win 8 may ask to download .net Framework 3.5 - hit yes/OK.

3. Once the preliminary installation steps are completed and you run the game for the first time, the game will crash to a black screen with "An unhandled error occurred (-1)". You will need to alt-tab back to desktop and quit the game from task manager.

4. Navigate to programs and features by right-clicking the bottom-left corner of the screen and clicking "Programs and Features".

5. Uninstall "Microsoft Games for Windows MarketPlace", then "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable".

6. Visit to download the latest Games for Windows Live client. If the following link doesn't work anymore, simply Google "Games for Windows Live Marketplace Client".

7. Run the installer.

8. SF4 should now launch successfully.

You'll notice that the GFWL sign-in process occurs much quicker under Windows 8 than it did under 7.

Did this solution work for you? Leave a comment below and let me know if you encountered any further issues.


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  3. <3... That kind of problem and solution became a tropos on the Windows 8. I must say, I love the new OS but I also had to manually install the newer uPlay because the one that came with Far Cry 3 for instance, also won't allow the game to run...

    Thanks for the tip, it worked perfectly.

  4. No funciona, sigue el mismo error :(

  5. this game went on sale for Christmas. I'll bet a lot of people are having this problem.

  6. Works.... but i have one more ptoblem, my xbox-360 joystic dont work in the game.... but JUST in this game, all other games of my the joystic work very well.

  7. thank you man your a LIVING LEGEND!!! :)

    more thumbs up...:)

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  9. YESSSSS! Beauty

  10. i'm having hard time login to marketplace.. it keep saying my password is wrong... i've been chaning like 5 times already.

  11. P.S i keep getting same error..

  12. Thanks, was worried it wasn't going to work :D

  13. Perfect, thanks

  14. Six months from the most recent comment and you're still a lifesaver man, thanks!

  15. İ have older version without steam; i uninstalled it after upgrading my system to win 8.1. But when i reinstalled it; it says that i need to update the game but it won't update always gives me this error:"0x80004005".
    Do you have a solution to this?

    1. Hi Ercan Er - unfortunately I don't have a retail copy of the game. My only suggestion would be to remove all traces of GFWL from your system (as in step 5) and then do the following:

      1. Clean install the game from your retail disc
      2. Run the game to make it fail
      3. Uninstall Uninstall "Microsoft Games for Windows MarketPlace", THEN "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable" then reboot
      4. Visit , install then reboot

      Alternatively it might be easier to just purchase a Steam copy next time it's on sale. Good luck and let us know how you went.

    2. I already did everything on this tread, unfortunately didn't worked.
      Thanks for suggestions but i already did them all. Nothing is solved.
      Yeah i know buying a steam version would solve my problem but my money for this copy of SSF4AE will go into nothingless(if i am goona buy a new copy that would be "ultra" not the other way around).
      Why should i lose my connection to game just because i upgraded my pc to win 8.1
      The most painful thing is i was using an illegal copy of win 7 and playing SSF4AE without a big problem(i couldn't buy costume dlc's since Microsoft silently closed marketplace...));because i was a student and i didn't have money to buy a legal copy of it. I am buying every game i played till now and enjoyed; just to contribute some money to developers... But leagal copies have a lot of problems.
      It is really ridiculus if we try to do something morally good; the system will be punishing us.
      It is like test, Recless actions of Microsoft are tempting me to do something stupid and illegal. I hope that they will work harder to solve our problems and get our appreciation; not just our money.

  16. Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul worked. Thank you very much.

  17. I got it working just having problems singing in to xbox live wen i have a xbox one and 360 and a gold membership

  18. you rock man! very helpful!!! you really made my day!!!

  19. thank you, This was bugging me for months

  20. it worked. Thanks for the solution.